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Free First Class shipping on all orders in the USA. International Shipping Available. Many blessings


Buying a gift for a man can be a challenging ordeal if you don’t know the ropes. Although most men are simple, buying a gift for them can be a whole different ball game.

Most of you love to gift your man something nice every once in a while. But it’s easy for you to feel perplexed about what to get him.

Keep in mind that what you get and the way you present it says a lot about how much you value the man.

So, you have to be careful about what to get him. Hopefully, the list below will help you decide what things you can absolutely get him.


1. A Special Gift

It will definitely mean a lot to any man if you buy him something meaningful. Once he sees that you have put a lot of thought into buying him a special gift, he will definitely treasure it more.

Find out what he really needs, maybe for a special purpose in the near future. Get that for him and see just how much he appreciates your gesture. This could also be something he has been thinking of getting for a while.


2. Don’t Associate the Value of the Gift with a Price Tag

It’s not a good idea to spend a lot of money buying a gift for a man who you just started dating. How much money you are investing in buying the gift does not decide its value.

You can just buy him a cup of coffee or a brownie and it could still mean something special.

A man who is confident about taking care of his woman will not be touched by a very pricey gift. It is more likely to attract a compliant man, one who is looking for a woman who has greater spending capabilities than him.


3. Don’t Buy Multiple Items as a Single Gift

Think about it – if you get your guy an armful of gifts, how is he going to appreciate each gift? You have to remember that the more of a particular item you will get for him the less valuable it will get.

Gifting him a lot of gifts may send him the message that you need to spend a lot to prove your self-worth.  

So, get him a single gift that will mean a lot to him and which he will appreciate more. Something that will tell him that you care for his likes and dislikes and making an effort to get him that one thing he will appreciate.


4. Don’t Get him Any Workout Attire

To most men, gifts related to his workout are sending him a wrong message. If you decide to get him gym pants or track shoes your man might be thinking that you don’t care for him enough to get him a gift that is special.

A workout-related gift is usually something that lacks sentiment so unless your man is a fitness buff or is obsessed with working out, you may want to get him something more meaningful.


5. Don’t Get Him Some Standard Gift  

Getting him a bland tie, belt or socks are a complete no-no nowadays. Men are far more conscious than wearing something off the rack. A fashionable man will want to coordinate his ties and belts with his entire attire so be careful about choosing such items.

Buying just a standard off the rack item will send the message that you don’t bother enough about the guy to buy him something that you have put a lot of thought into.

So, don’t go about getting him things like a random standard handyman toolbox set.


6. Don’t Get Him Something To Use At Work

Guys will not appreciate getting him a gift which he can use only at his office as most men don’t like being reminded of work when he is not at the office.

Although buying him a gift to be used at work is relatively easier, it’s best that you avoid it altogether.


7. Do Get Him Tickets to a Game or a Movie

A man will love it when you gift him tickets to a game of his favorite football or basketball team. Men who are into sports are always going to games of their favorite team and would surely be pleasantly surprised when you get him tickets to the next game.

You can also find out what type of movies he likes and get him tickets to the next movie that you know that he would love to watch. Especially if it’s a sequel to a series he’s crazy about.

Your man is going to remember these personalized gifts and value you a lot more once he knows how much effort you have given to get him the gift.


8. Do Get Him His Favorite Cologne

A well-groomed man always uses a cologne or deodorant to smell fresh. So, Faveable suggests to find out what brand of cologne your man likes and get it for him. If your man is aware of how he smells and likes to smell good all day, he will love this personalized gift from you.


9. Do Plan a Getaway

If your man loves to travel then planning a tour for the both of you will be a great gift. You can find out where his ideal holiday destinations are and also what activities he always wanted to on a vacation and be sure to include them in the plan.

Organize the whole thing yourself and surprise him with the whole plan, he is sure to love it.


10. Do Get Him a Grooming Kit

Getting him a grooming kit will be an excellent gift for a man who is metrosexual and is conscious about his looks. The grooming kit can contain his beard and mustache trimming essentials, something that is bound to come in handy every day.

Some grooming kits also include tools to trim nostril and ear hair, that’s something of extra use for him.


11. Do Buy Him Books, CD’s or DVD’s

If your man is into reading then buying him books by his favorite author is sure to please him a lot. Do some research into what type of material he likes to read. Gifting him collectors’ item novels will surely be a great surprise for him.

CD’s of his favorite musician or DVD’s of his favorite movies or TV shows is also a great idea.

He will instantly appreciate these personalized gifts and it would mean a lot more to him when he realizes how much effort and thought you have put into researching his favorite things.



Buying a gift for a man that he cherishes may be a tough task but following the simple tips above you can surely buy a gift that he is bound to love. Get him something special and unique and make him realize just how much he means to you.



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